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“The manifestation of the wind of thought is not knowledge; it is the ability to tell right from wrong, beautiful from ugly. And this indeed may prevent catastrophes, at least for myself, in the rare moments when the chips are down.”

Hannah Arendt

If you have somehow found yourself here and are wondering ‘actually what is this?’ – have no fear – you are in the right place!

Simply put, Amor Mundi is a site that asks questions and gives the opportunity for individuals to share their learned perspective on intellectual and academic topics ranging from contemporary politics to film theory. Started in early 2019 by a postgraduate student of international politics, Amor Mundi has evolved from its status as simple blog to far more; now with social media output and a podcast streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Our aim is to provide an open space in which any individual may critically investigate and discuss Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, Philosophy, Literature, Film, Art, and the Human Condition, freely, with others on academic terms – to be able to think with one another without boundaries.

Enjoy the free content that we provide and, whatever you do, do not be afraid to jettison the foundations of thought that you cling to. Engage in the sheer madness of free thinking and, who knows, you might find yourself better prepared to understand, judge and face the world that you left before you found us. Just remember that to think, and to think properly, is to always think dangerously. Have a good time thinking and remember to love the world that we have created in-between one another – together.

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