The Amor Mundi Film Club

Stuck in? Self-Isolating? Working from Home?

Don’t be down! Pick up something from the Amor Mundi Film Club watch list below, get all cosy and have a good think. Here are some of the best films of all kinds for thinking. Enjoy!

2001: A Space Odyssey, (dir.) Stanley Kubrick (Metro Goldwyn Mayer, 1968)

A Single Man, (dir.) Tom Ford (The Weinstein Company, 2009)

A.I. Artificial Intelligence, (dir.) Steven Spielberg (Warner Bros. Pictures, 2001)

Amazing Grace, (dir.) Michael Apted (Momentum Pictures, 2006)

Amélie, (dir.) Jean-Pierre Jeunet (UGC-Fox Distribution, 2001)

Arrival, (dir.) Denis Villeneuve, (Paramount Pictures, 2016)

Blade Runner, (dir.) Ridley Scott (Warner Bros., 1982)

Call Me by Your Name, (dir.) Luca Guadagnino (Warner Bros. Pictures, 2017)

Capote, (dir.) Bennett Miller (Sony Pictures Classics, 2005)

Carol, (dir.) Todd Haynes (StudioCanal, 2015)

Derrida, (dirs.) Amy Ziering, Kirby Dick, (Zeitgeist Films, 2002)

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb, (dir.) Stanley Kubrick (Columbia, 1964)

Ex Machina, (dir.) Alex Garland (Universal Pictures, 2014)

Examined Life, (dir.) Astra Taylor (Zeitgeist Films, 2008)

Fantastic Mr. Fox, (dir.) Wes Anderson (20th Century Fox, 2009)

Final Portrait, (dir.) Stanley Tucci (Vertigo Releasing, 2017)

Frost/Nixon, (dir.) Ron Howard (Universal Pictures, 2008)

Hail, Caesar!, (dir.) Joel Coen (Universal Pictures, 2016)

Hannah Arendt, (dir.) Margarethe von Trotta (NFP Marketing & Distribution, 2012)

Her, (dir.) Spike Jonze (Annapurna Pictures, 2013)

I, Robot, (dir.) Alex Proyas (20th Century Fox, 2004)

Ides of March, (dir.) George Clooney (Sony Pictures Releasing, 2011)

Interstellar, (dir.) Christopher Nolan (Warner Bros. Pictures, 2014)

Jongens, (dir.) Mischa Kamp (Pupkin Films, 2014)

Just Charlie, (dir.) Rebekah Fortune (Seahorse Films, 2017)

Kubo and The Two Strings, (dir.) Travis Knight, (Focus Features, 2016)

La Vie en Rose, (dir.) Olivier Dahan (Icon Film Distribution, 2007)

Lincoln, (dir.) Steven Spielberg (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, 2012)

Lost in Translation, (dir.) Sofia Coppola (Focus Features, 2003)

Man of The Year, (dir.) Barry Levinson (Universal Pictures, 2006)

Mario, (dir.) Marcel Gisler (Frenetic Films, 2018)

Milk, (dir.) Gus Van Sant (Focus Features, 2008)

Mirror, (dir.) Andrei Tarkovsky (BFI, 1975)

Never Let Me Go, (dir.) Mark Romanek (Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2010)

Night Train To Lisbon, (dir.) Billie August (Lusomundo, 2013)

O Brother, Where Art Thou?, (dir.) Joel Coen (Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, 2000)

Rear Window, (dir.) Alfred Hitchcock (Paramount Pictures ,1954)

Stranger Than Fiction, (dir.) Marc Forster (Columbia Pictures, 2006)

The Campaign, (dir.) Jay Roach (Warner Bros. Pictures, 2012)

The Darjeeling Limited, (dir.) Wes Anderson (Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2007)

The Hunger Games, (dir.) Gary Ross (Lionsgate Films, 2012)

The Iron Lady, (dir.) Phyllida Lloyd (20th Century Fox, 2011)

The Lives of Others, (dir.) Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck (Buena Vista International, 2006)

The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology, (dir.) Sophie Fiennes (Zeitgeist Films, 2012)

The Truman Show, (dir.) Peter Weir (Paramount Pictures, 1998)

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, (dir.) Martin McDonagh, (Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2017)

Tree of Life, (dir.) Terrence Malick (Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2011)

Up In The Air, (dir.) Jason Reitman (Paramount Pictures, 2009)

V for Vendetta, (dir.) James McTeigue (Warner Bros. Pictures, 2005)

W., (dir.) Oliver Stone (Lionsgate Films, 2008)

Wittgenstein, (dir.) Derek Jarman (BFI, 1993)

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